Senior Portraits

We believe if you feel good you will look great! Our Senior Portraits are a little differnt. We come to you. Book a session with your friends or just you. Either way you will be relaxed and comfortable and your pictures will be awesome! 


The Party Package

Get together with your friends. We will bring everthing to you. You and your friends will be relaxed and having fun while we take the pictures. We want you to look your absolute best. A complimentry make-up artist artist, who uses your ideas, her talent and expertise, and only the best products to get you camera-ready, is available upon request.  (Some packages do not include make up.) 

Focused Just on You

The session will be focused all on you. We will come to your house and bring everything.  We want you to look your absolute  best. A complimentry make-up artist artist, who uses your ideas, her talent and expertise, and only the best products to get you camera-ready, is available upon request.  (Some packages do not include make up.)

Fund Raiser

A team, club or church group can sponsor a day or night to have the pictures taken at their location, Seniors will sign up for a time slot and the organization will receive a portion of the proceeds. We want you to look your absolute  best. A complimentry make-up artist artist, who uses your ideas, her talent and expertise, and only the best products to get you camera-ready, is available upon request.   (Some packages do not include make up.) 


Graduation Announcements


Professionally designed cards to commemorate the Graduate's accomplishment.

Image Folios


An impressive way to present and display a small number of prints in exceptional style.

Senior Composites

Senior Composites are a great way to add a special touch to senior portrait and graduation photos.

Helpful Guidelines

WHAT TO WEAR Looking your best for your SENIOR Portraits!

 This is the fun part! My sessions offer unlimited outfits changes so your only limitation is how fast you can change clothes. Typically I encourage you to bring a minimum of 4-5 outfits, with lots of extra accessories of course. We’ll look through everything and I’ll help you select the best ones for your session. We may not get to them all, but seeing all of your clothing choices will give me some ideas as to your style so I can give you the best portrait session experience possible. 


Try to get a lot of REST the night before your shoot. Don’t stress over it; trust me - we’re going to have a great time together! If you are getting early AM shots, I suggest applying cold compresses to your eye area for a few minutes before applying your makeup to reduce puffiness. Make sure you EAT before your session so you’re not miserably hungry. If you are bringing family or friends to your session, feed them, too! And be sure they’re aware we’ll be photographing for a couple of hours.  


Bring a variety of clothing changes to show all of your looks. Select items that range from casual to dressy. It’s a good idea to bring long-sleeves and short-sleeves, regardless of season. Same goes for long pants and jeans versus shorts and skirts. Avoid clothing with large prints, horizontal stripes, characters, logos, or writing… we are not doing a photo shoot for Hollister, Abercrombie, Pink, etc. Small prints (plaids, stripes, florals, polka dots, etc.) are great and solid colors are always a classic choice. Make sure your undergarments are neutral colored – dark colored underwear and light colored pants… not a good combination. Keep in mind my photo sessions are done on-location… usually in semi-public places. Clothing changes will be done on the fly, we will do our best to find a place to change if we have to improvise wear appropriate undergarments (camis, leggings, t-shirts, etc.) to make it easier to change in the car.  If you plan on going shopping for new clothes for your senior portraits please wear your purchases at least once before your session. Make sure it fits, flatters, and that you’re comfortable. Certain colors look best for different seasons outdoors. Spring and summer - sky blue, khaki, pale green, pink, watermelon, dark peach. Fall - Red, gold, deep orange, emerald green, and dark gree 


Don’t forget about your feet! Please coordinate your footwear with your outfit (guys… no gym shoes with dress pants!) and pay attention to the color of your socks. Girls can go barefoot in a few shots for a more playful look. Belts, earrings, scarves, necklaces, jackets, hats, sunglasses, etc... all great stuff that can quickly alter a look without completely changing clothes. 


While a little color is nice, be sure not to overdo tanning for your senior portraits. Tan lines are not attractive in pictures and if you have them it’s best to avoid outfits that show them. Fingernails - they show! If possible, get a manicure prior to your portrait session. GUYS – this goes for you, too!!! writing on your hands or hairbands around your wrists please! Your hair should reflect you and your own personal style. Senior portraits are not a time to try a new look. Any cut or color should be done at least a week prior to your session to ensure you look your best.

GIRLS • If  we are doing your make-up don't wear any. If not you'll want to wear your make-up a tad heavier than normal. Bring along extra powder, a brush and mascara. Wearing more mascara than normal will really bring out your eyes and allow them to ‘POP’ Don’t worry about minor blemishes as they will be corrected in the final images.

GUYS • Two words – Chap Stick! Chapped lips are not attractive and not easily corrected in Photoshop. If you have skin sensitivity make sure you shave far enough in advance of your session to avoid any redness or irritation. Don’t worry about minor blemishes as they will be corrected in the final images.  


Keep is simple and the attention on you! We don't want attention drawn to bright shiny jewelry. 


Props, I LOVE props and especially welcome the ones that are a part of who you are. They can add so much to a photo and give it more of a story. Ten or twenty years from now, you’ll enjoy looking back at these photos and remembering what you were like back then. Feel free to bring sports equipment (football, football helmet, ball & glove, batting helmet, bat, mitt, soccer ball, volleyball, hockey stick, pom poms, baton, etc.), sports uniforms, trophies/medals, musical instruments (Can’t bring drums? Bring the sticks!), tap or ballet shoes, sunglasses, iPod, books, motorcycle or snowmobile helmet, etc. If you are a volunteer firefighter, bring your uniform and helmet. Going into the Army or Marines? Bring along something to represent that major change in your life. Bring your CLASS RING if you have one. Vehicles are welcome at outdoor sessions (be sure they're clean, inside and out!). I can also take photos of you with your snowmobile, quad, dirt bike, etc. Pets can be included in outdoor shots as well. Please try to let me know in advance if you will be bringing props so that I can come up with some really creative ideas on how to showcase you with them! Your wardrobe changes, of course! Go through EVERYTHING one more time before leaving the house to make sure you’ve got it all. Make sure you bring shoes for every outfit! Touch-up stuff – lip balm (for the boys too), lipstick, powder, hairspray, etc 


Glasses - If you wear glasses, please see your optometrist about loaning you a pair without lenses, or have your lenses removed for your session. If this is not an option, I will do my best to avoid glass glare, but there may be an extra charge of $10 per image for glare removal when ordering your portraits. Glare will not be removed from proofs. 

Braces – Braces will not be removed from proofs, but can be removed from your portrait order at a charge of $15 per image.

Scars/Birth marks/severe acne - Scars/birth marks will be removed only at your request. Please tell me at the time of your session what your preference is. Severe acne may require extensive retouching. If extensive retouching is necessary, it will not be done on proofs, but will be done on the prints that you order, at your request. Basic retouching is included in your package, but extensive retouching requires an additional fee, which is outlined in your session agreement.

All images get basic color correction, exposure, white balance, etc. Oh, light skin retouching, too! I want you to look your best in your photos so any necessary light retouching is done free of charge. For heavier editing (body sculpting, background removal, removal of braces, hair ties, bra straps, etc) an additional charge per image. 


Parents are strongly encouraged to be present during the entire session.